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BASIX Certificates - from just $99.00.

Don't waste your precious time and energy trying to work out how to create a BASIX Certificate. For a very small fee, Building Sustainability Assessments (BSA) can take this complex job off your hands. Prices start from as little as $99…a small price to pay for peace of mind. Here's how it works:

Step 1: We thoroughly assess your plans and then provide you with enough information and expertise to make informed choices about how you would like to meet your BASIX commitments e.g. water saving, using less energy and achieving thermal performance.
Step 2: We annotate your plans to ensure they meet the BASIX documentation requirements, and issue you with a BASIX Certificate.
Result: You receive Council approval for your BASIX commitments. First time! Every time!

Thermal Performance Assessment and House Energy Ratings.

As part of the BASIX certification process, some developments will be required to demonstrate thermal performance compliance i.e. how much energy will be required to keep a dwelling cool in summer and warm in winter.

The thermal performance of some developments is best assessed by using a simulation tool e.g. BERS and Accurate (NatHERS). This process allows the designer more choices in ways to achieve thermal compliance. It many cases, it can also lead to reduced construction costs.

BSA is an Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor. We can provide advice as to whether simulation will add value to your proposed development. If so, we can then conduct the thermal performance assessment and then issue the relevant certification.

BSA can also provide practical ideas and advice for energy saving household design.

BCA Section J "Deemed to Satisfy Provisions".

Section J of the BCA requires that a building, including its services, must have features that reduce the creation of greenhouse gases. BSA provides advice and compliance reporting to demonstrate how your proposed development will meet BCA Section J provisions.

We are able to review your preliminary plans and specifications and advise on required initiatives to meet BCA Section J "Deemed to Satisfy Provisions". We will provide specification documentation and construction notes for inclusion on plans to indicate energy efficiency initiatives.

BASIX Training Packages.

BSA can come to your workplace and provide you and your staff with full training and information seminars for:

Achieving BASIX compliance (water, energy and thermal performance features); and
Using the BASIX Online Tool.

Our training packages can be individually designed to meet the specific knowledge requirements for building designers, architects, developers, industry bodies and Council representatives.

Please contact us to arrange a quote for any of the above services.

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